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160 POOL TYPES It is possible to classify the pools in their usage manners, aims and structures. First of all, swimming pools and ornamental pools used for visual purposes are at the forefront of this distinction. The pools we will focus on in this article are pools used for “swimming purposes”. If swimming pools are to be separated as indoor and outdoor pools according to the place where they are built and to be separated into two according to their size and purpose of use. These are; Private residence-villa pools (under UHE-2) Public pools. (It falls under the scope of TSE 11899) Pools can also be categorized by the way they are built. These are above-ground (without any excavation) pools that are placed or built as under-ground pools. In addition, the pools produce in accordance with the reinforced concrete rules or the ready-made pools which are equipped with panels prepared in standard or non-standard dimensions, supporting, liner and installments can be also included in this group. It is necessary to include the overflow and skimmer pools in this evaluation according to their technics of transmission of floating materials to the filtration by actuating the surface water of the pools and also assembling every pool in this formation regardless of their types. The skimmer in which the surface water is transmitted to filtration coercively or the overflow systems which are characterized by some words such as internal overflow, overflow from one side and overflow from above constitute the inseparable design criteria of all the above-mentioned pools. The public pools must be evaluated in point of their usage purposes and depths. Elite Word Asia Hotel Maltepe/ İstanbul