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170 OLYMPIC POOLS Although Olympic pools are designed and built for sports purposes, in these pools; artistic swimming and water polo competitions can also be held. Olympic swimming pools; These are the pools with Olympic accessories, built in accordance with the “FINA” norms, in order to hold the Olympic, national and international competitions. It is mostly built from reinforced concrete, and in recent years, it is also built as prefabricated In these pools; filtration and disinfection installation should be made in accordance with TS13661 and UHE-1 norms. Pool dimensions, number of lanes and tolerances must comply with FINA norms. Olympic accessories must comply with FINA norms and must also be FINA approved. National, world championships and Olympic competitions are not allowed to be held in pools whose dimensions do not comply with FINA norms. Compliance with FINA norms of olympic swimming pools whose construction has been started is checked and reported at every stage. Although the depth of the pool is at least 2.00 meters according to FINA norms, it is recommended to make 3.00 meters in 25.00X50.00 meter pools for multi-purpose use. 3.00 meters is recommended. (To be used also for water polo, water ballet, artistic swimming purposes) Tolerance on the length of the pool, when touch panels are attached; For 25.00 meter and 50.00 meter pools; It should be in the range of 50.020 -50.030, 25.020-25.030 meters. The width should be 25 meters when the pools have 8 lanes, and 26 meters when they have 10 lanes. The width between the lanes is 2.5 meters. The lanes are separated by separators. The separators must have a breakwater feature that can absorb the waves created by the swimmers. Otherwise, the wave created by a swimmer adversely affects the swimming speed of the swimmer in the other lane. Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, synchronized swimming, relay, water polo, water polo, water ballet, artistic swimming competitions can be held in Olympic swimming pools. In Olympic pools, jumping platforms (stepping stones) are manufactured on two short sides of the pools, in a stainless steel polyester mixture of 40 cm and 70 cm. 70 cm stepping stones are not used in international, Olympic competitions. In international and Olympic competitions, the 40 cm stepping stone is mounted on the headwall placed on both short sides. During the construction of the During the construction of the Olympic bowl, a landing pier with a width of at least 10 cm should be built 120 cm below the water top. Short course competitions are also held in Olympic swimming pools according to FINA norms. Short course competitions are held separately from other competition times as world and Olympic events. The pools where the short course competitions are held are 25.00x25.00 meters in size. Although separate facilities are built for such competitions, the pool dimensions can be designed as 26X52 meters or 26X51.5 meters to allow short lane competitions while new investments are made. In these pools, platforms made of movable steel construction, which are driven by manual or electric motor and on which jumping platforms are mounted, are used throughout the pool called Bulkhead with a width of 1.50 meters or 2.00 meters.